How to reset Macintosh back to factory settings ?

First, make sure you BACKUP ALL your data before proceeding. This will wipe your HD clean and your data will be ERASED !

You’ll need to restart your computer.

  1. Press and Hold alt (option) key.
  2. Select Recovery option. macinstallation1
  3. Select Disk Utility. macinstallation2
  4. Select UberMac, in your case should be Macintosh HD. Click Erase. Under Name: Macintosh HD  Under Format: OS X Extended Journaled. Proceed with Erase.macinstallation3
  5. Once the HD is erased, go back to main page and select Reinstall OS X. macinstallation4
  6. Reinstall OS X –> Continue –> Agree to Apple Terms & Agreement –> Select Macintosh HD –> Install.

You are all set ! After the installation is completed, the computer will restart and bring you to setup account wizard. Follow the steps and there you have it. A brand new OS Installation !

Need Free Anti-Virus for Mac ?

The scammer or hacker has gotten serious ! Even Apple computer can get viruses. Are you getting popups when you turn on your computer ?  Sounds like your computer is infected. You can get FREE anti-virus program for your Mac.

Here is the download:

Click on Free Download. It will direct your to


Click Download Now and follow the installation steps. Hurray…. you now have anti-virus program for FREE.

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Setup Hawaiiantel Email in Mac Mail

A few basic settings you need to know.

Hawaiiantel Email Settings:

IMAP Server:

POP Server:

Outgoing (SMTP):

IMAP Port Number:  143

Outgoing Port Number:  25, 465, 587  (Check – Use secure socket layer SSL)


First, go to your Mac Mail. Select Add Another Mail Account…


Press Continue


Mail Server:

Username:   type in your email address

Password:   type in your password

After, your setup should look something like this:


You are not done yet. Go to Advanced Tab.

Enter port 143 and uncheck SSL. Authentication should be password.


And for your outgoing smtp: Please refer to image below.


There you have it. You’ve an IMAP Hawaiiantel email setup in your Mac Mail.

How to show hidden files in Mac ?

First here are the two codes you need to understand:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO

Yes – Is to show the file.   /    No – Is no hide the file.

  1. Open Terminal (You can open it via Finder -> Applications -> Utilities)
  2. Copy & paste the following command: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES
  3. Press Return on keyboard
  4. Press and hold the ‘Alt / Option’ key on the keyboard, then Right click on the Finder icon and select Relaunch. See image below:


There you have it. Now all hidden files and folders are visible.

If you want to hide them again. Repeat the same steps from 1 to 4, but EXCEPT this time you type NO in terminal.

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO

Good Luck !

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